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The Pallet Supplier of Choice: Quality, Reliability, and Expertise.

We are a manufacturer wooden pallets serving southwest Virginia. Our pallets are designed to meet your shipping and storage needs, and we offer a range of products and services including ISPM 15 Heat Treatment Service to ensure quality and longevity. We are committed to providing superior products and services that meet the highest standards while providing competitive prices.

Stack of hardwood boards waiting to be made into pallets for sale.

Materials are hand selected to ensure our pallets are strong and your goods are well supported and protected.

Quality Raw Materials

Outdoor picture of multiple stacks of pallets for sale.

We have a variety pallets in stock and ready for delivery. Or your order can be built to your specifications and delivered when you need it.

Many Option Available

Close up of several stacked pallets bearing the ISPM 15 Heat Treatment stamp.

Our heat treatment service is monitored and certified by Timber Products Inspections to meet international shipping requirements.

ISPM 15 Heat Treatment

Picture of Blackberry Pallet Delivery Truck

We deliver when you need it! Whether it's per order or daily deliveries, Blackberry Pallet has you covered.

We Deliver!

Get a Quote

Every customer has different needs and we are ready to help tailor our services to help you fill your company's shipping and storage requirements. Contact Blackberry Pallet today to find the solution to meet your pallet needs.

We are eager to be of service and will contact you ASAP!

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At Blackberry Pallet, we take pride in our products and service and would like to take the opportunity to showcase the work that we do.

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